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Source: instagram

These Are Apparently The Most Popular And Least Popular Candy In America--And We Don't Agree


Depending on your age (and level of personal shame) you may or may not have gone trick-or-treating in a very long time. But anyone who has, knows that not all candies are created equal.

Sure, you may have brought your stash with you among your friends to do a few trades of niche candies and flavors that you may have not liked, but there are some treats that are consistently ranked near the top. Like I don't know a single person who would prefer one of those orange marshmallow circus peanuts over a Milky Way or Reese's. It's just not gonna happen.

But there are some candies that people are extremely divided over, and some you would expect to be huge fan favorites, that apparently, aren't all that beloved, according to these two different polls conducted by Morning Consult.