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Source: getty

NFL Player Zach Miller Nearly Lost His Leg After In-Game Injury

By Mark Pygas

Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller almost lost his left leg after a horrific injury in a game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. The 33-year-old landed awkwardly after making a one-handed catch during the third quarter, resulting in a torn popliteal artery. 

Bears head coach John Fox said that Miller underwent emergency surgery in a New Orleans hospital to repair the artery and "stabilise" the injury. Fox added that Miller had been in danger of losing his leg, and that while "he is not out of the woods, he is as good as he can be at this stage."

"He's got a good pulse in his lower leg and good feeling in his foot," added Fox. Asked if Miller is still in danger of losing his leg, Fox replied: "I am not a doctor, but I feel good about where he is right now."