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Source: twitter

Donald Trump Jr. Is Getting Roasted Over His Halloween 'Socialism' Analogy


Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter on Halloween night to criticize socialism with a rather strange analogy. Trump Jr. shared a photo of his daughter, Chloe, and claimed that he was going to take half and "give it to some kid who sat at home"  to "teach her about socialism."

As you can imagine, Twitter immediately roasted him over the tweet.  "My man, "socialism" was her getting that free candy in the first place. You taking half for reasons she can't understand is capitalism," wrote one user. Look, nobody said Don Jr. was a smart guy, not even his dad. 

Some other users suggested he should have used the opportunity to teach his kids (and maybe himself) about charity, since he family doesn't seem to know a whole lot about it. From what we can tell, they think it's setting up an organization and funneling money to it so they can pay for things like giant portraits of themselves. And while that's certainly the most ridiculous example of an expense the foundation wrote off as "charity" it's by no means the most egregious. They've made political contributions numerous times — political campaigns aren't charities last we checked — and literally never paying 9/11 charitable contributions they pledged to make. 

Charity begins at home, Don!