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Source: getty

Twitter Employee Shut Down Trump's Account For 11 Minutes And People Loved It


It's no secret that there are tons of Americans who absolutely hate Donald Trump. The president is currently standing at a 62% disapproval rating, and those poll findings seem concurrent with the reception Trump's been receiving from people online. In fact, many people disapprove of him largely because of his Twitter account, which he often uses to insult the media and his political adversaries as well as spread false information and propaganda. 

The negative sentiment toward the President's tweets was echoed when Twitter recently announced it had "inadvertently" deactivated Trump's account for 11 minutes.
Whoever this person is, they may not be the hero we deserve, but they are the hero we need. Sadly, 11 minutes is barely enough to notice. I'm writing this update from the future, November  2018, where Fox News has been utterly silent on Twitter for days and it's both eerie and exciting. What if they never tweet again? What if there's a future on the internet where the public isn't being fed lies and half truths packaged as "news: