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Source: twitter

New Jersey Elects Its First Sikh Mayor Despite Fear-Mongering Ads, And Twitter Is Applauding


Indian-American Ravi Bhalla has become the first Sikh mayor in New Jersey's history despite flyers that labelled him a "terrorist." Bhalla, a city council member in Hoboken, beat five other candidates after former mayor Dawn Zimmer stepped down in the summer.  The ads, which gained a lot of criticism from both sides of the aisle, seemed to actually have a negative impact on the other candidates attempts to defeat the charismatic Bhalla. 

The flyers, left on windshields of cars on Friday night, appeared to be a doctored version of the flyers sent out by another mayoral candidate, Mike DeFusco.  People were disgusted by the attempts to mislead people, as well as target other races as being "terrorists."