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Mom Finally Discovers Source Of Stench In Daughter's Bedroom And It's Revolting

Mom Finally Discovers Source Of Stench In Daughter's Bedroom And It's Revolting
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7 months ago

Kids do some nasty, nasty things. Like this potty-training child who thought it'd be a good idea to urinate in his bedroom dresser instead of telling his mom he needs to go to the bathroom.

His face after being discovered pretty much says it all.

Well, when it comes to discovering hidden acts of toilet relief outside of the bathroom, that mother isn't alone. 

Facebook user Jessica Brooks shares her harrowing tale of following her nose and trying to locate the source of an awful smell in her 2-year-old's bedroom. Only to discover that her daughter defecated on the windowsill.

How she even got it up there, I don't want to know.

The post was filled with a bunch of hilarious edits, showing that Jessica took the barf-inducing discovery in stride.

Just spent nearly an hour looking for the source of the smell in my 2 year old bedroom only to discover she has done a poo on the window sill behind the curtains 🙈🙈🙈🙈 this this my life!! 
Edited..... just to confirm this is human poo well 2 year old little girl poo not animal poo thanks to the kind lady who messaged me to warn me social services will get involved if I have cat poo on my window 🙈🙈😘😘😘 I haven't even got a cat. 
Edit 2 .... just to clarify the I don't encourage my feral child to climb on window sills she decided to get up there to get toys during nap time please don't hate 
Edit 3... to the person who said it was a joke nope I wish as a mum of 3 kids a job and a small business I haven't got the energy to do this. I just have a feral kid!! 

Because she posted it to a public FB page, she felt the need to keep clarifying and providing context to the window-sill poo, resulting in progressively more hilarious posts about such a disgusting find.

Edit 4.... I'll take the disgusting vile parent comments although I did share it on the unmumsy mum page so I think people are missing the point 🙈but disappointed in the people who have stalked my profile and said I shouldn't of posted this because I'm a nhs nurse!! IT'S NOT A PATIENTS poo or a cats poo or my poo it's my 2 year old poo!!! And I work very hard at my job looking after people as well as caring for my 3 kids! And always treat my patients with the up most respect care and confidentially and I actually have been entertaining them with my poo story 😍😍😍😍 
Edit 5 ......at no time was she at risk of falling out the window its locked and the blackout blind was down although I'm very surprised at her climbing skills and will have to evaluate my health and safety😉 
Edit 6.... She doesn't feel embarrassed, humiliated or mentality scarred by this post because she's 2 and she doesn't have a Facebook account but I can't guarantee I won't hold it against here at a later point 
Edit 7... to the lady who called me an idiot well she's probably right but 3 kids a job and life something got to give!! 
Edit 8... thanks to guy who's just asked me on a date 😉😉 
Edit 9....yes defiantly her poo not mine I'm toilet trained yes she is 2 and no she doesn't drink a can of John Smith's a day ! 
Edit 10 thanks to the man calling me a cretin a very under used word. Should I be worried that a man with a computer generated profile picture is reading posts directed to the unmumsy mum page. And I'm the cretin 🤔🤔 
Edit 11 .....just to confirm it's not daddy's poo either that would be weird 🙈daddy would like me to comfirm he is toilet trained 
Edit 12 sorry to edit again to the lovely person that implied my house is covered " in shit" her words not mine. I can guarantee that my house does not have any poo in any other rooms (that I know of) I have a very beautiful clean house just a 2 year old who likes to share!! 
Edit 13 ... I didn't say I couldn't manage my 3 kiddies I just said I didn't have time to poo to make this up 
Edit 14... I apologise to my poor little girl who is apparently not going to get a job because apparently employers Google poo on the windowsill posts as references 🤣🤣🤣🤣 
Edit 15 especially for David Australia although my hubbie probably would agree I'm on fb too much 🙈 I can't sit and stare at the kids while they are asleep to prevent freak poo accidents but thanks for your input xx 
Edit 16... and NO I wouldn't or shouldn't smack her for this or for anything she does. Horrified by that comment 
Oooh another edit sorry 17.....nope not on the dole but I'm sure many people in circumstances where they have been forced to claim benefit don't encourage pooing on windowsills. Also not a immigrant although in was born in Wales does that count 🤔 but I work with lots of wonderful people from lots of different cultures who guess what work hard saving your lives xx 
Edit 18.... you keep giving it to me. Nobody felt violated by this picture ....dont worry the poo is fine and content in its new found public status. And the culprit is happily watching Peppa pig x 
Edit 19 ...errr no I didn't taste it to see if it actually was poo ill save that post for my next FB misadventure 🙈🙈 
Edit 20....no I didn't let her do it yes that is weird and disgusting but hey she did it anyway! 
Edit 21 ....no I'm not a money grabbing attention seeking fool who sells their story to the Daily Mirror!! They just took it 🙈🙈🙈 I haven't snogged anyone from love island I just posted a random poo picture. I have asked them to make a donation to PANDAs for using my picture xx 
Edit 22 to the lovely funny man in America no I don't feed her ??? ALPO which give googled is either a South American drug dealer or dog food xx 
Edit 23.... Yes yes yes I agree there is far more important things and no I don't think this will affect Brexit 
Edit 24 ... I'll take a lot but C##T is slightly harsh you must be very angry with this poo picture 

Who knew that poop could be so controversial that she'd have to make 24 separate edits to clarify her post? Sheesh, you can't put up a single picture of your daughter's feces on a windowsill without getting the third degree from the internet these days. What's wrong with the world today?

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