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Source: Twitter

Struggling Writer Reaches Out To JK Rowling, And She Tweeted Back In The Best Way

By Aimee Lutkin

Finding motivation for artistic creativity when you're not paying your bills with it is pretty challenging. You have to find the time for your art, stay motivated to continue even when there's no promise that anyone will ever be interested, and finish whatever your project is. In the case of writers, that probably means extended rewrites, plus finding an agent and publisher and readership. Ugh, why do we do it! That's why there's a term called "writer's block."

Twitter user @_Urak_Hai_ was struggling with these existential dilemmas when they decided to scream into the void that is Twitter about their lack of motivation. 

They also tagged J.K. Rowling:

That's when @_Urak_Hai_ received the greatest motivator anyone could ask for: Rowling actually responded.