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Source: Instagram

Former 'Buffy' Star Perfectly Recreates Iconic Celeb Looks And Instagram Can't Get Enough


Tom Lenk is likely a familiar face to any fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. He played nerd boy Andrew on the series, a creative individual with a habit of making up stories at every opportunity. He's been sort of a dark horse pop culture icon appearing at many comic cons around the country for his work on both Buffy and Angel. He's kept his work on sci fi shows going too after appearing in Lifetime's Witches of East End in 2013 and then making another appearance in Transparent in 2016. So he's got an impressive resume in acting in some cult favorites. An actor doesn't necessarily have anything to do with their character's direction, but Lenk is clearly as dramatic in real life as he was on TV. 

His Instagram account is a deluge of creativity in the form of mocking other celebrities with these amazing takes on their instagram poses. He knocks it out of the park with a lot of these:

It's doubtful that Lenk considers it mocking, actually; each photo really looks like an homage to favorite looks sported by (mostly) female stars. The handmade creations assembled from what appears to be largely household goods are inspiring, hilarious and fierce as hell. He knows how to really put on the show. Here are some of our favorite looks he pulled off with flawless precision: