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Source: Pexels / Twitter

Two White Men Under Fire For Opening Ramen Restaurant With Extremely Racist Name

By Erica Diaz

Two South African men are finding themselves in an uncomfortable spotlight now that the name of their new restaurant has been made public. The men, who are both white, are opening an Asian eatery in the city of Melville, a suburb of Johannesburg. 

The pair have opted to name the establishment "Misohawni."

We will admit, at first glance we thought it was a play on miso soup. So we checked a few different resources and from what we could find the restaurant will be serving ramen, hot pot, Korean BBQ, poke, and izakaya... and about halfway through this search we said the name out loud.

Misohawni. Me. So. Horny. Ohhh, this is so not about soup.