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Source: twitter

These Black Friday Shoppers Nearly Tore Down An Entire Storefront To Get Inside

By Mustafa Gatollari

Holiday shopping can be a stressful time. Heck, just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger how hard he had to work to get his son an action figure in the holiday smash hit Jingle All The Way. That man was committed to it.

And truthfully his experiences aren't too far off from the truth of what it's like shopping during the holidays, especially if you chose to do it during Black Friday.

Of course, shopping for your loved ones during the holidays isn't just jam-packed with anxiety, it's also hella pricey. With a lot of debt being accrued during the season, it's really no surprise it comes with that sort of stress.

So there are tons of Americans who do the majority of their big-ticket purchases during the insane day after Thanksgiving known as Black Friday in hopes of getting that one amazing deal.