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ESPN Just Laid Off A Ton Of Employees--That Can't Be Good

ESPN Just Laid Off A Ton Of Employees--That Can't Be Good
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Updated 7 months ago

There aren't too many people surprised about the declining viewership at ESPN. Every time I see the channel on while I'm at the gym I'm just greeted by Stephen Smith screaming about something about God knows what.

But for people who grew up with the cable sports news network, the fall of the channel may come as bit of a shock, especially now that the lower ratings are having some very real effects.

Like huge employee cutbacks.

The network's President, John Skipper, released a memo to employees that was made open to the public, notifying them of the massive cut.

The majority of the positions that were removed were in particular fields.

People sympathized for the employees.

Some wondered aloud if the company's financial decisions were sound.

Former ESPN employees who were able to enjoy careers elsewhere shared some encouraging words.

As devastating as losing your job at a premiere sports news broadcast company is, it's nice to know that there is life outside of it. Here's hoping those 150 employees land on their feet.

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