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Source: Motorway Martin

Police Officer Saves Van And Driver From Falling Off A Bridge, Becomes Internet Hero


Every time I drive over a bridge I think about how terrifying it would be to fall off. That's not something that has ever happened to me, or something that has even come close to happening, but it is still always in the back of the mind. After reading the news today, I don't think that thought is going anywhere. 

Earlier this week a driver in West Yorkshire, England had their car go over a bridge. It didn't completely fall down, however, and was instead stuck in an awkward position with the driver trapped inside. Police arrived at the scene and one officer had to hold the vehicle in place with his bare hands. 

"1st on the scene of this collision on the #A1M this morning and faced with a vehicle balancing over the edge of a bridge with the driver trapped! " wrote Twitter users "Motorway Martin. "After holding on to the vehicle to stop it swaying in the wind I can't begin to describe my relief when @WYFRS arrived on scene!"