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Source: twiter

Puppy Found After Hurricane Irma Who Was Rejected For Being 'Skinny' Finally Finds A Home


When Hurricane Irma struck the Caribbean and Florida in September, thousands of animals were left without a home alongside the immense human cost. Many are still in shelters, waiting for a forever home, but one success story has left the Internet in tears. 

In late November, Kellie Rowe, a reporter for Fox 2 News, reported on a puppy named Pluto who had been unable to find a home after Irma because he was too skinny. And, as an aside, can I just comment on what a ridiculous reason that is not to adopt a pup? Like, if it's too skinny, take it home and feed it! Look at that face? How could anyone in their right mind reject this dog? 

Pluto was rescued in Florida, but was brought to the Detroit area in an attempt to find a home and because local shelters were overwhelmed by the influx of homeless pets in the area. It's very common for shelters around the country to respond during and after natural disasters to help alleviate the strain on shelters and ensure as many displaced animals find good homes and have somewhere safe to stay while waiting for their new families to find them and take them home.