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Woman's Response To Black Women Defeating Roy Moore Takes Twitter By Storm

Woman's Response To Black Women Defeating Roy Moore Takes Twitter By Storm
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7 months ago

You'd think with all of the ridiculousness surrounding Roy Moore and his campaign, he'd have zero chance of winning a Senate seat.

Astonishingly, Moore grew in popularity and was expected to win in the predominantly Republican State of Alabama. It was especially saddening to see that people doubled-down for their support of Moore, despite the fact that he glorified slavery and wanted to do away with women's right to vote

So it's wonderfully fitting that African American women were primarily responsible in handing Roy Moore his defeat by showing up for Democrat Doug Jones.

It's the first time in 25 years that Alabama's ever had a Democratic senator and the exit poll number breakdown shows an incredible turnout from African American voters, a demographic that is usually not catered to or given a significant amount of attention from politicians.

The turnout from Black voters might be enough to get Moore thinking twice about the way he handled the race. Alabama has less than half the number of registered black voters, but nearly every single one of them cast their ballots for Jones.

A fact that Twitter is celebrating.

But Twitter user and founder of the grassroots movement Moms Demand Action, has a message for Democrats: that they shouldn't just thank Black female voters in words, but in actions as well.

And the rest of Twitter couldn't agree enough.

Users started sharing links to different organizations that help to empower Black female officials.

While others were happy that Black women were finally getting the political recognition they feel they deserve.

Just about everyone was in agreement though: there was no way Jones would have won such a narrow race had it not been for Black female voters, and the socio-historic and cultural impact of the election was not lost on people.

Many want to use the momentum from this election as a jumping off point for increased political involvement and awareness.

Maybe now politicians, especially in red states, will do more to reach out to previously ignored demographics and be more considerate of their needs before trying to same old campaigning tactics.

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