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Source: Getty / Twitter

Ted Cruz Tried To Meme The Net Neutrality Vote And Got Ripped Apart

By Mark Pygas

Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to overturn net neutrality laws. The vote was split along party lines. Net neutrality ensures that internet service providers treat all internet traffic equally, meaning that a local businesses data is treated in the same way as data from Facebook. 

Net neutrality was introduced into law in 2015, after Netflix was forced to pay Comcast and Verizon for preferential treatment after the two service providers throttled their customer's connections to the streaming service. 

Opponents to yesterday's FCC decision fear that this could reoccur, and that companies who can afford to pay internet service providers for preferential treatment will be given an edge over smaller businesses and individuals who cannot. The FCC has argued that with more data being sent and received than ever, some traffic must be prioritised.