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Source: iStock

People Are Using Uber To Get To The Emergency Room Because Ambulances Are Too Expensive


If you've ever had to go to the emergency room, you'll know that healthcare in the United States is a lot more expensive than in other nations around the world. In the United States, a broken arm can set you back more than $1,200 if you have a high deductible health plan, and even higher if you're uninsured. In Sweden, it's $45. 

And one of the most expensive aspects of an emergency trip to the hospital can be the ride there. Some people have been charged as much as $1,700 for a 15-minute trip in an ambulance. 

It makes sense then why more and more people are using an Uber rather than an ambulance. A research paper released Wednesday studied the effects of Uber on ambulance usage rates in 766 U.S. cities in 43 states between 2013 and 3015. The results probably won't surprise you.