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Source: gabrieljunkart/Instagram

Designer Turns Old Louis Vuitton Bags Into 'Star Wars' Sculptures—And We're Geeking Out


Most of my clothing is ripped or has holes in it. There's no real reason for that other than I feel like it would be wasteful to throw them out. Turns out though, there are plenty of cool things you can do with old clothing and accessories — in fact, this is why there's a whole movement around upcycling — aka the practice of taking something you already have and repurposing it into something else for the sake of saving resources and making something entirely new. And when it comes to upcycling, people can get incredibly creative if they are talented enough at their craft. Don't believe me? Take, for example, this artist who is taking old designer bags and makes them something entirely new and completely different by turning them into Star Wars sculptures. 

Gabriel Dishaw is an artist who takes old Louis Vuitton bags and turns them into Star Wars sculptures, which is about the coolest thing you can do with an old bag. Plus, it's a cool way to combine two different interests that many people have — a love for all things fancy and designer, with a passion for absolutely anything related to Star Wars. And the end result is a one-of-a-kind creation. 

Most of his creations look like Darth Vader, which we're totally, 100 percent on board with.