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French Soccer Star Posts Photo In Blackface On Instagram—And The Backlash Was Swift

French Soccer Star Posts Photo In Blackface On Instagram—And The Backlash Was Swift
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7 months ago

If you're thinking about wearing a costume to a costume party, and you're wondering whether or not it's offensive, there are a short list of questions you should ask yourself before donning the outfit.

At the top of the list should be, "Is the costume blackface?" If the answer is "yes," then you should never, ever wear the costume. It's that simple.

Apparently French soccer player Antoine Griezmann never got that memo, because he thought the best way to dress up as a Harlem Globetrotters basketball player would be to go in blackface, complete with a faux afro.

I mean, props to Griezmann for not just going as a soccer player (totally lazy move) to whatever costume party he was headed to, but, dude, blackface, in 2017? Come on. 

People were obviously not having it.

Some found it difficult to believe that Griezmann didn't have anyone in his corner to let him know the costume was a very, very bad idea. While others couldn't believe that there were actually people on the internet trying to defend Griezmann's get-up.

I mean, especially if you're a public figure and you're putting it on your own Instagram account...just...why?!

It started a conversation on whether or not blackface could be considered racist in 2017. For many, the topic isn't up for debate.

And for those defending Griezmann's choice to wear the outfit, well, they must feel really awkward now that he issued this apology.

"I admit it's awkward on my part. If I hurt some people I apologise."

What's especially troubling about Griezmann's blunder is that he plays for an already huge soccer club and has allegedly been in talks to be transferred to mega teams like Barcelona and Chelsea. Not only that: but he's loved by a lot of fans.

Was it just an honest mistake? Or did Griezmann really screw the pooch here?

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