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College Student Shares Nightmarish Final Exam Story On Twitter, And People Can Relate

College Student Shares Nightmarish Final Exam Story On Twitter, And People Can Relate
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7 months ago

There are a few things I miss about college. I miss hanging out with my friends, the abundance of free time that I had to do pretty much anything I wanted, having virtually no rent to cover and having a mess of emotions I really couldn't understand or process in a healthy way, as weird as that sounds.

I can tell you though that I don't miss finals week. Not because I was a bad student or anything - but because I hated writing in those blue books and my hands would cramp up and get covered with ink when I was trying to cram an entire semester's worth of knowledge into a few paragraphs. Man do I hate finals.

And Twitter user Ann Mark's finals experience is a good reminder of just how much I loathed those end of semester tests. Just watch her relay the horror of what she endured.

At least she's keeping a positive attitude about the entire debacle.

And she further chronicled her drama by following through with all of the kind souls at the University of Texas at Austin who helped her on her finals excursion. She even tried to get her hands on camera footage of her unfortunate "window incident."

As well as people who helped her do less than horrible on her tests.

Fellow people on campus who assisted her location-deficient-self (I'd personally be dead without Google Maps).

Like she really, really owed them and wanted to let them know just how appreciated they were.

And it turns out that some who witnessed her struggles reached out to her. Or it could just be a very well-timed pick-up line.

Sharing the story online must've been super comforting for Ann, because as it turns out, she's not alone in her harrowing final exam experience.

People began tweeting words of encouragement at her, as well.

And she ended up making new friends.

Others are calling her journey a prime example of independent American film.

And honestly, it's difficult to argue that it isn't. There are few things more relatable than being thrust into adulthood and having no idea what you're doing during what is arguably the most stressful time of a college kid's life. Especially according to this person.

And here I am thinking we're just dealing with a lighthearted comedy of errors.

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