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Trump's Latest Nominee Just Dropped Out After Embarrassing Video Emerged Online

Trump's Latest Nominee Just Dropped Out After Embarrassing Video Emerged Online
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Updated 7 months ago

Hey, remember back when Donald Trump was campaigning to be president, he claimed he'd hire the best people for government jobs? 

Not only has he not hired the best people, Trump hasn't even managed to hire mediocre people, if you ask me. There are tons of duds in his administration that were either ultimately fired, or rejected to begin with.

Especially when it comes to his choices for a lifetime appointment position as a federal judge. Three of his nominees for the vacant position were dismantled in their interviews, failing to answer basic legal questions. The most recent of Trump's nominees, Matthew Petersen, perhaps had the most embarrassing Q&A yet, something that he himself called "the two worst minutes on television."

You may have seen this cringeworthy display on social media already, but if you haven't, it's a doozy.

It was so embarrassing, Petersen withdrew himself from consideration for the job.

It's just further evidence that Trump's promise of being able to pick "top talent" was an empty one.

There were some people who argued that just because Petersen didn't have trial experience didn't preclude him from being a potentially viable federal judge with a lifetime appointment.

In a puzzling, but not surprising, turn of events Trump somehow tried to distance himself from his nomination pick, trying to say that the nominations weren't his idea and that "someone from his team" sent the past three candidates.

In his withdrawal letter, Petersen chalked up his decision to back out to simply having a bad "two minutes" that seemingly mattered more than his 20 years of service. But I mean, come on, it was a really bad two minutes.

Some people argued that Petersen was grilled too hard in his meeting.

Others said that Trump's clearly incompetent nominees being shot down are a good indication that democracy is still alive in America.

For many, it was baffling that such unfit candidates were even interviewed in the first place.

And then there was the whole "best people" conversation and how it appears the president is backtracking his opinion on the nominees he sends over to the senate.

Congresswoman Eleanor Norton shared her shock at the poor quality of candidates being sent to the senate on Trump's behalf.

Turns out the Donald didn't really consult with anyone before he made his choices, either.

Others were just happy we dodged a big time bullet.


There have been a lot of Trump's picks who ultimately ended up becoming busts: Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, have all been endorsed by Trump only to either be fired or "resigned."

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