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Source: Twitter

Mexican Fish Orgies Are Making Other Sea Animals Go Deaf—And Yes, You Read That Right


The animal kingdom is a weird and wonderful place. The oceans especially are full of things we've yet to discover. But one thing marine biologists have studies well is that aquatic animals like to get it on. However, this is the first we've heard of an animals' mating season causing other species to become hard of hearing. It kind of makes me feel a little forgiving of a past roommate who wasn't very discreet when she had, you know, a visitor. All I lost was a few hours of sleep but never did it reach a level you could call "deafening." Not so with a school of Mexican fish.

In the Gulf of Mexico, a fish called the "corvina" draws attention to itself for being more horny than a frat boy at his first kegger. During mating season, they assemble in a huge mass for fornication. It's a fish orgy, to call a spade a spade.

It's not that unusual for animals to get it on in groups, but the corvinas manage to have sex while also emitting an insanely loud noise. According to the Guardian, it sounds like a machine gun going off.