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This Son Surprised His Mom For Christmas After Two Years Away In The Air Force

This Son Surprised His Mom For Christmas After Two Years Away In The Air Force
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7 months ago

It's easy to get cynical about going home for the holidays. The journey is long, the accommodations are cramped, and everyone is bringing the drama they didn't finish hashing out on Thanksgiving. Cast your skepticism about the magic of the season away!

This video taken by a Memphis woman named Brittany Pettis has gone viral for breaking through everyone's icy winter veneer. Pettis caught the moment her brother Grant Jackson surprised their mother Gwen Jackson by coming home for the holidays. Grant Jackson has been away in Japan for two years serving in the Air Force, WREG reports.

I'm not crying, you're crying. Okay, we're both crying. Watching Gwen Jackson literally run away because she's so overwhelmed with feeling would break any Grinch.

Grant Jackson told WREG that he and his sister had been planning to surprise their mom since September, but he didn't know the footage would go viral. He hadn't even expected the camera crew.

“Honestly, I had no clue,” said Grant. “My sister is the one that wanted to make the video. I was hesitant about posting it due to unfortunate circumstances with my baggage that prevented me from having my military uniform.”

Pettis says she just wants to spend the rest of her brother's time at home catching up, going to games (he's a Grizzlies fan) and spending time together as a family. Their mom didn't comment—maybe she's still recovering.

The Pettis-Jackson family weren't the only ones to get a surprise from a returning soldier. 

This footage of a woman in California surprising her mom on leave from the Navy has also gone viral:

The woman thought she was getting a lousy mirror as a gift, but it was actually her kid.

I'm never taking how close my parents are for granted again. 

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