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Dumb Man Gets Arrested After Making Two Moronic 911 Calls, And He Deserved It

Dumb Man Gets Arrested After Making Two Moronic 911 Calls, And He Deserved It
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7 months ago

I've definitely been in more than a few restaurants where I feel like I was gypped. I usually just don't eat the food, and when servers ask me if everything was OK, I tell them it wasn't and just pay my bill and be on my merry way.

A good restaurant will want to make it up to you and either give you a discount or comp the meal. If they don't though it's no big deal, I look at it this way: I paid for a dinner to know, for certain, that a restaurant is bad and to never go there again. I kind of do that with certain people. If I don't want to hang out or interact with them, I let them borrow money, then I never have to hear from them till they pay it back. It's perfect.

Some people, however, feel like unsatisfactory restaurant service is a crime. A huge crime, apparently for this guy who was so upset about this size of his dinner that he called 911. Twice.

And it's not like the dude was young or drunk either. 51-year-old Nelson Agosto hopped on the phone and told the emergency dispatcher, "I ordered something, and it was extremely so small." 

The dispatcher, probably while rolling their eyes, informed Mr. Agosto politely that if he had a complaint about the portions of his food at the restaurant, he should dial a non-emergency number.

So of course Agosto would've taken the hint and showed a bit of shame, feeling embarrassed by being such a drama queen.


Instead he dialed 911 again to complain about the size of his meal, so the police were forced to respond.

By cuffing him for clogging up the emergency line with such a frivolous complaint.

The cops tweeted about Agosto's stupidity so the guy could get properly shamed online, as he should.

Agosto wasn't taken to jail but he will have to appear in court before a judge in January. I would love to see him explain why he made the call. Will he fess up to being a moron? Or will he double down on his conviction that Crabby's Seafood Shack screwed him over?

At the end of the day, this is Florida we're talking about. I mean the list of weird news stories out of that state could go on forever.

And what about this winner who was so upset that an ATM was giving him too much money that he assaulted it?

Come on man, punching an ATM isn't going to do anything. Now once they science starts imbuing inanimate objects with the ability to feel, at least you know you'll be causing some emotional damage to the robot, as well as incurring property damage. (h/t wftv)

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