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Chrissy Teigen Was Freaked Out When Her Plane Had To Turn Around For A Single Passenger

Chrissy Teigen Was Freaked Out When Her Plane Had To Turn Around For A Single Passenger
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7 months ago

Air travel can be a stressful experience with all of the waiting, ensuring you won't miss your flight, the delays, and the ridiculously high price of food and beverages.

I mean seriously, there was a peanut butter and jelly spot that was charging $5.19 a sandwich, get with it, people.

Usually all of the nightmares end once you're actually up in the air, barring any drunk idiots or on-board fights that result in marriages being dissolved, but even in those instances passengers are restrained and the flight goes on, business as usual.

Except for a recent flight that Supermodel/Mom/TV Personality/Awesome Individual Extraordinaire Chrissy Teigen was on, it wasn't. Because Teigen, along with all of the other passengers were told that their plane was turning around, 4 hours into the flight, all because a single passenger wasn't supposed to be on the plane.

Now the first reaction anyone would have to this ridiculous inconvenience is something along the lines of:

But after the initial rage, frustration, and sadness dissipates, you'd probably be left with a single, frightening question.

Why in the hell is this person not allowed on the plane?

A question that Teigen asked and Twitter was dying to have answered.

There were just too many possibilities/variables to consider.

No matter what reasoning you wanted to entertain, the potential answers just didn't add up.

Was the man a convict who mistakenly got on the plane and thought they were home-free?

And even if that was the case, just how in the world did an entire human being mistakenly just get put on a plane? It makes zero sense.

It didn't take Twitter long to find out just what plain Teigen and her hubby Legend were on.

While others offered solutions to Teigen's flight conundrum.

They weren't very helpful ones, but you can't fault them for trying.

Others were just surprised that such a drastic measure was taken. The entire concept seemed just as alien to them as it did to Teigen.

She updated everyone on their status. Imagine getting on a plane to just end up going nowhere.

There were ways for the airline to make amends, though.

They did hook passengers up for Free WiFi, but...there was a catch.

When they finally landed they made everyone else get off too, so the one passenger who wasn't allowed to be there wouldn't be singled out.

Which means the mystery was left largely unsolved.

What's insane is that the individual's ticket wasn't even for the right airline, so how in the heck did the ANA scanner mistake a United Ticket and allow the passenger on the flight?

Teigen looked at the bright side after the whole debacle, however.

A sentiment people echoed with some hokey, but true, adages.

They even snapped selfies with adoring fans on board.

It took them a total of 8 hours and 20 minutes just to end up where they were already at.

But just because they landed, didn't mean it was the end of their journey. 

Everyone on the flight was interviewed by the police.

Legend and Teigen were then put in a room to rest up before getting on another flight.

And they were given some fine dining as recompense for all the trouble they were put through.

They grew accustomed to their surroundings.

And they should've, because they were there for a while.

Until finally, they found a new flight that was somehow just as strange as their last one.

In its own unique way.

In case you thought she was making it up, she wasn't.

She only had one request for the new flight:

I mean, it's the least the airline could do.

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