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Source: Twitter

Someone Replaced President Trump With His Terrible Disney Animatronic And It's Hilarious

By Mark Pygas

In case you didn't hear the news earlier this month, Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents reopened after months of delay with a new addition — President Donald Trump. And while this is already a pretty ridiculous and even more lame "ride" at the park, it got its moment of glory (for maybe the first time ever) when the new statue was revealed, and the animatronic was immediately mocked online for looking absolutely nothing like President Trump. It looked like a terrifying robot that could fuel years worth of nightmares... But nothing like Trump. Which made it a pretty easy target on the Internet. 

Since the new addition was just screaming for a way to be elevated in the mockery, Twitter user Born Miserable decided to Photoshop President Trump out of several photos and replace him with his robot counterpart in what may be the best series of tweets on the Internet. Not even kidding. See for yourself: