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Trump Brags About 'Major' Accomplishment, But A CNN Journalist Has The Receipts

Trump Brags About 'Major' Accomplishment, But A CNN Journalist Has The Receipts
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7 months ago

We're coming up on the one year anniversary of Donald Trump being inaugurated into the highest office of the land to begin his term—a dark, dismal travesty so far, but at least there's three more years of this horror show for him to top himself with.

Meanwhile, Trump wants to talk up some of the good things that have happened during his tenure, except the fake news never reports about that stuff. Like, have you noticed no one on airplanes has died?! Huh?

As CNN reporter Chris Cillizza pointed out, if anyone deserves a pat on the back, it is Obama, who was president for the seven years before Trump when people were also not dying on commercial flights:

Folks wondered why exactly Trump would even be talking about aviation when he has so many other crazier things to tweet about. Apparently, there was recently an article in Reuters discussing airline safety:

Though apparently someone did die on an airplane this year. They passed out in the bathroom, so that's not exactly the plane's fault:

As long as Trump is taking credit for nothing happening, here's a few other things folks are thankful for:

In a way, Trump keeps millions from dying every day just by not hitting the nuclear codes. That's actually probably how he thinks of it, which makes me want to take a very safe flight the heck out of here.

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