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This Family's Fitness Transformation Will Inspire You To Hit The Gym

This Family's Fitness Transformation Will Inspire You To Hit The Gym
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7 months ago

Its that time of year where we're all assessing where we're at, wondering what's possible in the coming months, and making resolutions to become total hard bodies. It's pretty much the promise I make to myself every year, but by February my gym determination is usually waning. It's cold and there's all this great Valentine's Day candy on sale. It's a struggle. So here's a little inspiration for working up a sweat today.

This is Jesse, a Chinese photographer with a big social media following, and he is clearly loving that gym lyfe:

#fitness #gym #muscle #bodybuilding

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According to Bored Panda, Jesse's mom moved in briefly when he and his wife were expecting, with a plan to help out with the baby. The future grandpa came too. Jesse wanted to encourage the other man in the house to take some action, and give up beer (and the ensuing beer belly). They started going on long walks together. Then jogging. Then they made it to the gym.

Six months later, there's a baby and a family of extremely fit people:

Jesse documented the transformation for his followers on Instagram, Facebook and popular Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Time tells. #fitness #gym #muscle #bodybuilding

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#boxing time with my #dad #fitness #gym #muscle #bodybuilding

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Though the change is extreme, you can see how it's possible over the course of many months of persistent work:

This is exactly what I needed to see starting off the new year. 

Begin with a walk today and you may be running towards fitness before you know it.

Yes.we did it #fitness #gym #muscle #bodybuilding #sport

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