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Source: twitter

This First Grader's Response to an Alphabet Puzzle Is Ridiculously Profound


There's this false notion that kids don't have any idea what the "real" world is like. That they don't know the realities of life, the depression, the hardships. They don't know just how cruel or evil some people can be. But I think that's mostly a hunk of baloney.

I say mostly because yes, kids are naive, but I also know that my toddler understands people's emotions and how to make a situation better without me having to tell him to do so. If I'm sitting down and wallowing in self-pity, or one of my friends are family members are sad, he senses it, walks up to them, puts his head on their lap and goes, "Awww" and then kisses them. Or sometimes he'll pretend to hurt himself so then the roles are reversed and now you have to baby him, forcing you to stop feeling bad for yourself. It's brilliant.

When he gets bored, it's usually because people aren't excited about anything in the room. And I'm not talking about jumping up and down excitement, I'm talking about just being happy to be in the presence of friends and family or talking about something that matters to them. He can feel the dead energy and he constantly rages against it whether it's with dancing, playing, or throwing a tantrum to get what he wants because the situation is so low-level.