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Trump And Bannon Are Duking It Out On The Cover Of NY Daily News—And We're Clucking

Trump And Bannon Are Duking It Out On The Cover Of NY Daily News—And We're Clucking
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7 months ago

It's no secret that Steve Bannon and his super-right wing Breitbart-brigade played a huge role in helping Donald Trump get elected.

So much so that Trump named the failed Hollywood screenwriter Chief Strategist in the White House. Between the two of them, Trump and Bannon created a bromance that was built on fear-mongering and hatred, uniting Americans who were scared of "the other" and quick to blame immigrants, Muslims, liberals, and non-whites for all of their, and the country's, problems.

It seems like the two of them were a match made in hater-heaven, until it wasn't.

Bannon was fired from his Chief Strategist position, which probably delighted a bunch of GOP peeps because the Breitbart editor didn't just bash Democrats; he's had some choice words for Republicans as well. After the firing, it seemed like Bannon wasn't bitter against Trump or his administration, even going so far as to saying that he was "going to war for Trump against his opponents" outside of the White House.

So despite being let go and stripped away from White House access and any position of governmental power, Bannon seemed like he was all for Trump and his administration. But as it turns out, the man either quickly changed his mind or his graceful exist was a ruse. Bannon recently said some pretty revealing things...

The relationship between the two men has been perfectly captured in this NY Daily news cover that features the two duking it out as "cucks."

If you're fortunate enough to not know what that term refers to, it's a popular phrase used by the Alt-Right to refer to someone who's basically an emasculated sell-out; it also has some racist implications, but it directly refers to a man being a subject of ridicule for being "cuckolded" by a woman who prefers an "alpha" male.

So how did all of the drama start? Well it began with the preview of a new Michael Wolff book that contains quotes from Steve Bannon on Donald Trump and the President's administration. Bannon flat-out called Trump's involvement with Russia as "treasonous," and that's not even the worst of it.

Does Bannon hint that he'd be better at committing a crime punishable by death than Trump? Yes, but he does so to highlight the idiocy of Trump and members of his administration, something that is a recurring theme in Wolff's book when it comes to Bannon's harsh commentary.

Bannon even went off on Trump Jr. saying that the President's son was going to get "crack[ed]...like an egg on National TV" and added Jared Kushner to the mix as well. Bannon continued by saying that Mueller and the FBI are going to catch the Trumps on money laundering charges, which, according to all reports, seems par the course for law enforcement currently investigating the Russia collusion.

Like most big takedowns of people involved in criminal activity, money trails always lead to a person's downfall, it's ultimately how famed gangster Al Capone was brought down - tax evasion.

Trump's not bootlegging booze, of course, but some suspect that the FBI is gathering evidence which proves him and his administration did accept foreign intel and used it in their campaign for the presidency. Using this intelligence counts as a breach of the United States' democratic process and, with the right facts in order, could be grounds for a charge of treason against the United States for Trump and anyone involved in getting him elected. That's bad news for Donnie, if so.

Not surprisingly, Trump and his family completely changed their tune on Steve Bannon. Trump Jr. was pretty vocal on Twitter about how he now feels about Steve Bannon, calling the man a backstabber and a harasser.

The White House also officially responded to Bannon's comments in the upcoming Wolff book, claiming that the man who immediately returned to Breitbart after being fired from his post, "lost his mind."

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders went on to try and diminish Bannon's role in Trump's administration saying that he was never equal to Chief of Staff. However, that's categorically false.

President Trump himself said that both Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus were "equal partners" in a recorded, official statement, so it's clear that Sanders and the Government are trying to downplay the severity of Bannon's turn against them.

What makes things worse for the Trump administration is that they not only fired Bannon, but Priebus too. A few months ago, Bannon openly talked about Priebus leaking intel and testifying that Kushner urged Trump to fire FBI Director James Comey, who was tasked with exploring the possibility of Trump's ties with Russia.

It also doesn't help that not very long ago Trump credited both Bannon and Priebus for being instrumental parts of his administration and ensuring victory.

But now that both Priebus and Bannon have been kicked out of the White House, it seems like there's nothing stopping them from testifying against the Trumps and causing considerable problems for the current administration.

If you compound that with all of the firings and resignations, there are more than enough people who owe no allegiance to Trump and are probably more than happy to play ball with Mueller and testify to any shady dealings that may have occurred.

Analysts believe that the White House's response to Bannon's incendiary and telling comments are proof enough of the panic that the administration's undergoing.

It'll be interesting to see how the die-hard Breitbart fanbase who wholly supported Trump takes the news: will they want to see the failed-reality TV show host they helped get elected be ousted from the White House for being unpatriotic? But if that's the case, what does that say about the editor of the publication they so vehemently believe in? 

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