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These Tweets About The 2018 Blizzard Will Help You Forget How Cold It Is

These Tweets About The 2018 Blizzard Will Help You Forget How Cold It Is
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Updated 6 months ago

Spare me your romantic little ideas about snow. The stuff is a lethal nuisance.

At least 100 Americans die every year just from shoveling this white stuff and who knows how many people perish in car accidents that result from inclement weather. 

Yes, I know you probably have fond memories of staying home on a snow day, and maybe you like going outside and sledding in the freezing mush, or you like the cozy feeling of being surrounded by a blanket of white while you're warm inside, sipping on some cocoa and reading books. Save it for the birds, snow is the worst.

I tried liking snow by looking at this clip of a panda rolling around in it and yes, this is a very convincing GIF, but it doesn't change the fact that this stuff is deadly.

And because I'm on the northern East Coast, I have to deal with the "Bomb Cyclone" of 2018 and all the fun that goes along with it.

Even rivers and bodies of water are freezing over.

This fountain in Cary, North Carolina even got the ice treatment.

Instead of just complaining about the snow, however, which isn't hard to do, Twitter's decided to make the most of it with jokes and memes.

Like how different parts of the U.S. react to snow differently.

It does certainly feel like Hoth.

Shoutout to all the weathermen.

There were some serious reminders to bring your pets inside.

How generous of you.

Amateur hour for the real northerners.

Apparently cows love the cold, though.

How did it snow in Bikini Bottom?

Accurate depiction of what the bomb cyclone actually feels like.

Some people aren't as bothered by the snow as others.

Tragedy struck.

Turns out snow is mad illiterate, too.

Some people used the blizzard as an opportunity to put some wishes out into the universe.

And apparently cats aren't bothered by the snow at all.

Did the Kool-Aid man lose its pet or something?

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