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Twitter Loves The Strange Nickname Trump Just Gave Bannon

Twitter Loves The Strange Nickname Trump Just Gave Bannon
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6 months ago

Recently the bromance, or alliance of mutual benefit, between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon hit a bit of a snag. It all started when an excerpt of the book Fire and Fury was released. Bannon was quoted as saying disparaging things about Donald Trump, his family, and his administration. In response, Trump issued a well thought out statement basically saying they will let bygones be bygones. 

Haha! No. This is what we got instead.

While we know the first part of that statement is untrue (the author was in the White House after all) it is the second part of that tweet that got people really thinking. Just how good of a nickname is Sloppy Steve?

Other people thought it sounded too much like meal. It's unclear if that is a point in its favor or not. 

Most people, though, are just happy that in this divisive era there is finally something we can all get behind. 

But, look, this is all good and fun but let's remember the most important thing here. 

Fire and Fury is out now. 

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