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Thai Prime Minister Tells Press To Give Their Questions To This Cardboard Cutout

Thai Prime Minister Tells Press To Give Their Questions To This Cardboard Cutout
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6 months ago

Let's say you're a political figure in a key leadership role in your country. Like, the top leadership role.

You love your job and all the power that comes along with it, but what you don't love is having to answer questions from all those pesky journalists.

Especially if you're a controversial figure like Thailand's Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-O-Cha. 

Chan-O-Cha, who was probably sick and tired of media appearances, decided to cheekily ward off journalists in an unbelievable way.

By telling them to address any questions they have for him to a cardboard cutout of himself.

No, this isn't a joke; he actually did it.

The best part is that people actually started posing with the cutout.

I personally love that he chose a photo of himself with an outstretched hand as he looks away from you.

It seems to suggest that even his cardboard cutout can't be bothered to communicate with other people. I love it.

People began pointing out just how troubling Chan-O-Cha's funny gesture was.

And even drew comparisons with Trump's reluctance to speak to the media.

In Trump's defense, at least his media-surrogate said something.

Sadly, however, people don't really expect much from our elected officials these days.

And of course, there were jokes about the Thai PM's joke.

I mean, it's kind of scary that we're living in a day and age where people aren't angrier at this kind of insane behavior from politicians.

And people are thinking that President Trump might take a page out of Chan-O-Cha's book.

Do you see this happening in America? Or is it just too big a slap in the face to journalists?

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