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Source: istock

This Modeling Agency Challenges Ageism By Exclusively Hiring Models Over 45

By Mustafa Gatollari

There are some hustles that are just better suited to young peeps. Fighting is one of them, as is gymnastics. As is getting drunk off of cheap beer and doing laundry at a friend's house. OK so those last two aren't exactly professions, but you get the point - there are some things that are just best suited to youngsters.

But there are some professions that, for some reason, rule anyone above a certain age, without a real explanation. You can't expect a 56-year-old to have the same muscular response as a 16-year-old professional gymnast. But when it comes to modeling and perceptions of beauty, why is it so difficult to market attraction in older human beings?

Here to challenge the idea that modeling is a young person's game is Russian talent agency OLDUSHKA. They specialize in clients that are all 45 years old and above - no one on their roster is younger than the age minimum.