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Source: Getty

Lorde Showed Up At The Grammys With A Message After Being Denied A Solo Performance

By Aimee Lutkin

In the last few months, Hollywood has been rocked by sexual misconduct scandals; the floodgates are open and women have been coming forward to share their stories of being assaulted or harassed by men in power. People are beginning to talk more freely of discrimination everywhere, in terms of representation, pay, and opportunity. Though the film industry seems to be making some immediate changes, the movement doesn't seem to have quite reached the music industry, despite some significant overlap.

A new organization called Time's Up, headed by big industry players as well as activists, has become important to the movement amongst celebrities. At the Golden Globes, everyone wore black and a Time's Up pin. At the Grammys, artists were encouraged to wear a white rose as a sign of "respect" and a way to express a hope for "new beginnings."