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Source: istock

These Sarcastic 'Secret Texting Codes' For Parents Are Hilarious

By Mustafa Gatollari

It's hard keeping up on all the terminology of the youngsters these days. The fact that I admit that makes me seem like an old fogey (spoiler alert: in many ways I am, indeed, a curmudgeon) and it's the old fogeys of the world that ultimately become the butt of young people's "OMG they're so out of touch" jokes.

And I'm fine with that, I get the role that I'm slowly easing into of being a "too old to understand" person, just as long as the stuff I don't understand is superficial and topical, then I'm good to go.

But I'm not so old that I don't grasp the concept behind abbreviated "text speak" which was more of a thing when people were rocking feature phones with alpha-numeric keyboards.