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Source: iStock

Folks Are Feeling Things About This Dad Showing Up For His Daughter On Valentine's Day

By Aimee Lutkin

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and some of us are feeling a little anxiety about being remembered on this special holiday dedicated to being loved and getting presents. It may be a made up holiday to sell Hallmark cards, but baby wants candy!

Twitter user @ClassiestQueen shared a story that went viral about being a kid and absolutely sick with worry that she wouldn't get a Valentine's day gift at school. She begged her dad to let her stay home on the big day, but he made her go to school. And then she got a big surprise.

She begins: "In the 10th grade, I begged my dad for weeks to let me stay home from school on Valentine's Day. I didn't want to see everyone have presents and I not get (#&$. He forced me to go to school. I was so sad literally up until 3rd period."

Then something crazy happened.