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People Are Trying The 'Egg Challenge' With Their Dogs And It's Not Going Well



Chances are that by now, you've seen the viral video of a golden retriever holding an egg in its mouth for a whole minute without breaking it. If you haven't, then here's the lowdown. Twitter user Laurdreyfuss' aunt read online that a golden retriever’s mouth is so gentle they can hold an egg without cracking it.

She attempted to bust the myth with her golden retriever, Sookie, and to everyone's surprise, the egg survived for a good while inside Sookie's mouth.

In fact, the egg was like a new friend Sookie didn't want to let go of! The challenge was equal parts heartwarming, hilarious, and adorable. Which is the recipe for a lot of memes circulating the internet these days.

So now, people have started taking part in what has been dubbed the golden retriever egg challenge, with mixed results...

Here's another gentle pup just like Sookie, who is a 10/10 certified very good girl. Pups seem to adore playing with eggs. Honesty, who knew?

But the challenge has now spread beyond just golden retrievers. And other breeds don't seem to be having quite as much success as golden retrievers are...

You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. 

Again, here's how it's supposed to work...

Not like this. 

This pit bull had some success, but wanted to keep the egg. 

This Labrador didn't technically break it with his mouth...

This guy just wanted a snack...

You're not getting that back. 

This dog thought their egg was a new toy. 

Corgis and pugs are having a hard time participating at all. 

Here are a few more of the best entries...

Too cute. 

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