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Source: istock

This Feminist Student's Clapback To Her Teacher's Criticism Is Brilliant

By Mustafa Gatollari

If you're an artist, you don't make a name for yourself or, more importantly, get to truly explore what you're capable of, if you're not putting two feet forward in a single direction.

Oftentimes the only way to know if you've pushed a boundary is to push it. After overshooting it, as long as you're doing it for the right reason (i.e. exploring yourself creatively in a way that matters to you) you can charmingly "reel it in."

For example, if Eminem listened to his label's advice while recording The Marshall Mathers LP, "The Way I Am" would've never been produced. They said the album still needed a pop hit, so did he go and create a pop hit? No, he created a track that embodied all of his disdain for that request and one of his most memorable songs was born as a result.