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Woman Makes Museum Exhibits Out Of Roommate's Stuff In Hilarious Prank

Woman Makes Museum Exhibits Out Of Roommate's Stuff In Hilarious Prank
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Updated 5 months ago

Roommates can either be the best or the worst, there's just no in between. But we're guessing that Ellen Huet, a writer for Bloomberg, is in the former category.  While two of her roommates were away on a trip, she decided to play a pretty amazing prank on them. 

Huet and the rest of the house grouped together to turn their room into a museum, so that future generations might have some insight on San Francisco life. 

The notes read: 

United States Currency
Metal, paper, glass
The collection of metal and paper in this container is believed to be a shrine. Some humans followed the religion known as Capitalism, and believed they would go to "Bankruptcy" if they did not leave daily offerings for their economic deity, who would collect the offerings with an Invisible Hand. 

I'm sure this won't confuse people in the future...

Sex Toy 
Polypropylene and steel
A rare and highly well-maintained example of the type of device used by 20th century humans for optimizing eugonadal elevation. Notice the clamp designed for the somewhat titillating practice know as "crimping." 

This one could actually pass for the truth. 

Humans of this era would sew condoms to use before mating.

Unsurprisingly, people found the photos hilarious. 

Who doesn't have fun with lamination? 

History nerds were excited. 

Others wanted to pull the prank off themselves. 


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