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23 People Having A Worse Valentine's Day Than You

23 People Having A Worse Valentine's Day Than You
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Updated 5 months ago

It's hard to not have high expectations for the holidays, especially when it comes to Valentine's Day.

If you've got a significant other, you want to spend it loving them to the fullest. If you've got a crush, maybe you want to explore the possibility of love with them.

Unfortunately though, life doesn't always turn out the way we want it to, and Valentine's Day isn't all chocolate and roses for many of us.

And if you've had a number of bad Valentine's Days, then maybe reading about these people's terrible experiences will make you feel a little better about your own. Or at least you can find some solace in knowing that you're not alone.

Some of them were about terrible gifts.

Even if the heart potato did work out for this guy, it's a pretty crumby gift.


Shot himself in the foot.

It's the thought that counts I guess.

Oh my God...


Maybe leave this gift outside of Valentine's Day.

Some of the instances are just tales of straight up brutal rejection.

If this ever happened to you in elementary school, then I'm sorry.

It's hard to top just how bad this one is.

Another winner of a boyfriend. Yes, the idea of Valentine's Day is kind of lame because commercial holidays are lame, but if someone is excited to spend time with you then you should totally cherish that stuff.

Another tragic tale from elementary school.

This guy who experienced my worst nightmare.

This one was just bad event after bad event.

Ouch man.

Here's an e-hug brother man.

Seriously, the crappy boyfriends need to stop.

Great parents?

So much time and effort.

Oh the friendzone.

The classy move.

Love is tough, hopefully ya'll have a better Valentine's Day today than these folks.

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