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This Wax Figure Is Getting Roasted For Looking Nothing Like A Certain Celebrity

This Wax Figure Is Getting Roasted For Looking Nothing Like A Certain Celebrity
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Updated 5 months ago

I don't get the appeal of wax museums.

I mean yes, a good wax figure is pretty incredible when an artist manages to pull off an undeniable likeness. 

Even if you manage to go to a wax museum that's filled with picture perfect celebrities, I mean really, what's the point of going to check it out?

It's not like you're going to see the celebrity themselves or watch them go and do whatever it is they've become famous for. If there ever was a metaphor for the worst part of our culture's celebrity worship, it's a wax museum. But then again, I'm a big-time hater.

And even if you love wax museums and everything they're about, you and I could probably agree that this figure DOES NOT look anything remotely like the person it's supposed to portray. Try not looking at the name tag, just the face, and guess who this is.

If you did look at the name tag, then you'll be shocked to discover that this wax museum is indeed trying to pass this statue off as Beyonce.

I don't know what they're trying to pull, or who they're trying to fool but, come on, Beyonce?!

Comparing this wax figure to others crafted by artists has led to an interesting and entirely plausible theory.

I mean just look at some of these past transgressions and try to argue otherwise.

The Niagara Falls Wax Beyonce figure is the latest in a longstanding trend of Beyonce-look-nothing-alikes, and people are mercilessly roasting it on Twitter.

As people should be doing, just look at this thing.

Plain awful.

What did Beyonce do to wax figure makers?

Others weren't surprised by the awfulness.

But then there was the big question on everyone's minds: why is Beyonce always made to look white?

Someone did point out that Beyonce isn't the only other terrible wax figure at the museum.

Maybe a day will come when they finally get Beyonce done right, until then at least we have these terrible ones to make fun of.

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