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This Plane's Engine Cover Was Damaged Mid-Flight And People Recorded It

This Plane's Engine Cover Was Damaged Mid-Flight And People Recorded It
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5 months ago

Imagine you're sitting in the window seat of a long flight. Your legs are cramped, your butt is numb, and you've about had your fill of salty snacks and small cans of Ginger Ale.

You yawn, stretch, rub your eyes and think about the first thing you're going to do when you land and finally get out of the airport. But then you look out the window and notice something different about the plane's wing.

Mainly, that it's falling apart.

That's exactly what happened on a United Airlines flight that had to make an emergency landing in Honolulu, Hawaii. Parts of the wing were stripped off in mid-air, bolts went flying, and portions of the engine cover were torn off.

It left passengers with this terrifying image.

Seeing an engine exposed to the elements jostling about like the one in your '87 corolla that's on its last leg isn't exactly the most comforting sight when you're flying.

People were worried that the plane wouldn't make it to the emergency landing site.

They live-tweeted the drama as it unfolded.

This one guy said he had a "great view" of the wing falling apart, but I don't know if "great" is really the right word.

At least he managed to keep his sense of humor about him while it was happening.

One of the scariest parts of the whole situation is that they lost one engine on a two engine plane. Now there have been instances where 4-engines were only left with one unit and managed to finish its journey safely.

Passengers on board described what it was like when the engine began falling apart. Hint: it's poop-inducing.

But, as some people who joined in the conversation explained, losing engine covers isn't as big of a deal as some would think.

If it's not that big of a deal though, then why did the plane shake and freak everybody out?

To be honest, even if I knew all of these aerodynamic facts, if I was sitting in a shaking metal box up in the sky, then I'd be hysterically recording my goodbyes to loved ones on my phone.

But thankfully the plane crew was on point and regulated the situation appropriately.

And, let's be honest, if you're going to have to emergency land in any city, you could do a lot worse than Honolulu.

Plenty of ways to relieve the stress of such a big scare in Hawaii's capital.

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