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The 'Hot Coil Challenge' Is A Seriously Dangerous Meme Popping Up On Social Media

The 'Hot Coil Challenge' Is A Seriously Dangerous Meme Popping Up On Social Media
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4 months ago

If you've been on the internet in the past few years, then you may have noticed that viral craze "challenges" have taken a turn for the crazy and possibly fatal.

The latest and lamest in this long line of insanity is the "hot coil challenge" that is as painful as it sounds.

Basically, you're supposed to put your arm on one of these hot electrical coils or stove tops and video tape the whole thing.

The results are, disastrous to say the least. Just look at this moron. Thankfully though, he seems to be the only dude on the internet who actually carried it out.

Some people are pretty good at faking it.

While others held their arms over the flame like an 80s action movie villain.

Most people are spoofing the challenge, but let's not forget that even though the majority of people don't fall for these bouts of idiocy, there are some who legitimately participate in these pointless pursuits.

Like this kid who squirted what definitely looks like Ajax into his mouth. Here's hoping he swapped it out with some orange drink or something.

And sure, the Tide Pod Challenge was a joke, but that didn't stop some people from taking it seriously.

What about the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge? Where people caused, in some cases, permanent damage to their lips trying to get the collagen-injected look from their favorite social media star?

It just looks all sorts of painful.

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As bad as those are, I don't think anything tops the hot water challenge.

This guy's reaction is pretty much the only appropriate one to all of this nonsense.

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What is wrong with us?

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