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These Tips From A Solo Woman Traveler Will Have You Packing Your Bag For Adventure

These Tips From A Solo Woman Traveler Will Have You Packing Your Bag For Adventure
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4 months ago

It's a big world out there, and people are often held back from seeing it because they're waiting for the perfect moment. With friends, in a couple, as an insanely rich person. While safety is a concern for everyone, the fear of danger holds even more women back from striking off on a great adventure. But not all of them.

Ciara Johnson is a blogger and world traveler who writes mostly about what it's like to be a woman traversing the world solo. It can be both exhilarating and scary, but Johnson writes it's changed her life and her character:

Johnson wanted to share some of her wisdom with the ladies out there who are thinking about going on their first world tour, so she gave us all an epic Twitter thread. Some of it is common sense, but if you're nervous, it's good to hear that common sense has been actually working.

First of all, pay attention to your surroundings, the same way you do at home, because being a woman alone at night is scary!

Don't be afraid to be rude (also good general life advice for women, imo):

Know about the place you're going before you arrive—research is your friend.

So are apps, but use them with awareness:

Apparently, T Mobile is great? Wondering if this is secret product placement, but please check your carrier and make sure you have a phone that will work overseas so you can check in with people regularly.

Don't post where you are right when you're there for the general public.

Other women in foreign places know what's up:


Take care of your body and don't do anything it can't do:

Use a driver app if you're not sure what the taxi situation is:

Think about how you carry your valuables:

Again, BE RUDE:

If you're uncomfortable, leave the situation:

Move with confidence:

Know it won't always be great, but it will be life-changing:

And if you're wondering how Johnson got all those great travel photos? She makes friends.

You can follow Johnson for more on her incredible trips, and also read more of her amazing tips.

Personally, I'm feeling the urge to pack a bag.

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