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This Grandma Gave Some Very Graphic Advice For What To Do With A Cheating Ex

This Grandma Gave Some Very Graphic Advice For What To Do With A Cheating Ex
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Updated 4 months ago

The wisdom of a woman who has lived to see her children grow up and have their own children should never be dismissed. They've seen some stuff. 

Imgur user NoCapes posted a story of heartbreak, love, and finally, poop, all curtesy of their late grandmother. Before NoCapes's Grandma died, she protected them from falling back into a toxic relationship with this simple analogy:

NoCapes had broken up with their girlfriend, because she was, allegedly, a cheater. After some time had passed, NoCapes ended up hanging with their ex, and they had a great time. Beware, NoCapes! When our hero went to tell their grandma about how they were considering taking back that cheating ex, she told them it would be a huge mistake.

When poop is hot, it's repellent. When poop is cold (from time and distance from poop) it looks like delicious chocolate. Don't be fooled!

On the one hand, I disagree that poop ever looks convincingly enough like chocolate to be appetizing. On the other hand, I will remember this comparison for the rest of my life, and that's how all grandparent wisdom should be: scarring.

A lot of people could relate:

And a whole lot of other people had more poop-related conventional wisdom to share:

But a few people, like myself, are a bit hung up on the entire premise:

Let's just hope grandma didn't know about this from personal experience.

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