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Amazon's Alexa Is Doing Something Very Creepy When People Ask Her Questions


If you've seen Terminator, you'll know that it's only a matter of time before we make machines so advanced that they rise up against us. They're already beating us at Jeopardy and chess. Despite the threat of a mechanical revolution, we're all more than happy to put home assistants like Amazon's Echo in our homes to make ordering groceries that little bit easier. 

But that might be about to change. Why? Because the voice of Amazon's Echo, Alexa, has started laughing at people when they issue her with commands and has even been laughing when no orders have been issued. Which is terrifying. 

Amazon confirmed that it is working to fix an issue with the device after The Verge initially reported the odd behavior, though they didn't provide any further details on the issue. Unsurprisingly, social media users have been pretty creeped out by their home assistants laughing at them.