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Source: Twitter

Everyone Is Roasting Betsy DeVos For Being Completely Unprepared To Talk About Education

By Aimee Lutkin

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos ended up on 60 Minutes Sunday night. It's unclear if she knew she was going to be there, because she seems insanely unprepared for an interview? DeVos is best known for suggesting guns should be allowed in schools in case of grizzly bear attack, so folks tuned in to see what else she'd try.

On of the worst clips from the whole nightmare was put up on twitter by Axios, and it features interviewer Lesley Stahl trying to get a coherent answer from DeVos about why she isn't investing money on things like making sure the school buildings don't fall down on kids. DeVos's thing is focusing on the individual kids by giving them vouchers to go to the schools they want, which could potentially be a good thing. However....