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Super Religious Aunt Not Happy This Guy Decided To Date 'Outside The Faith'

Super Religious Aunt Not Happy This Guy Decided To Date 'Outside The Faith'
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Updated 3 months ago

Some families are more involved than others when it comes to the people that you're dating/seeing.

For my parents, I never even told them about anyone I was seeing unless I could see myself marrying that person. Chalk it up to my conservative upbringing, but dating was (and still kinda is) a no-no in my household.

And depending on how involved other members of your family are in your personal life, you might have certain aunts and uncles who hold specific beliefs that aren't afraid to throw in their two cents and question your life choices at every turn.

Especially if whoever it is you're dating isn't up to snuff when it comes to your family's "lifestyle," that's when the judgments start flying. And I don't know about you, but the most judgmental people in my and my wife's families also tend to be the most religious.

So when this guy's uber-religious aunt discovered he was dating "outside the faith" and texted him about it, you can imagine how well the whole thing went over.

(Hint: not well).

The conversation starts with his aunt claiming to message him because she's "concerned" for his long-term happiness, and then makes the painfully awkward offer to take him out for dinner to talk about it.

I don't know about you, but I can't think of a worse dinner than a family member lecturing me about not living my life the exact way they want me to live it. What a way to ruin one's appetite, right?

Once he dropped the atheist bomb, however, the conversation gets worse.

She insists on having dinner, and OP does agree to do so, just not on the grounds of having his personal choices discussed, as he's not in the mood to talk about it.

Now if you grew up in a religious family, then you'll be familiar with the concept of guilt. Something his aunt tries to lay down on him, heavily.

The burden of being the flag-bearer for his Jewish heritage and tradition are put squarely on his shoulders, and his aunt basically tells him he's ruining his chances at honoring that heritage if he marries "outside the faith," never mind the fact that he isn't religious at all.

Now is when the tenuous bargaining mode of quasi-religious thinking comes into play.

You can tell he's got a bit of resentment being forced to follow Judaism growing up, but he manages to keep the conversation civil.

She just keeps pushing him to date only Jewish women.

I know I'm not a part of their group chat, but, I was raised Muslim and I care about anti-semitism and find it disgusting when anyone's discriminated against for their ethnic or religious backgrounds.

This guy has the patience of a saint.

Then it came down to a good old "Muslims hate Jews and vice-versa" conversation.

Then the swooping generalizations came out.

Now it's hard for me to garner feelings of resentment for a seemingly sweet auntie, but one imgur community member commented on the posts with possibly the most poignant comment in the thread of reactions to these texts.

"I'm not racist, I just don't want you dating outside our race and polluting our bloodline." Wow.... Okay... - PaleJr 

Sweet little Auntie doesn't seem so sweet now.

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