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This Person Got Fired For Tweeting About Their Job And People Are Conflicted



Working in customer service is one of the most hellish sectors of industry. You have to smile and grit your teeth no matter how insane, mean, or unreasonable the people across from you are. Naturally, a lot of people turn to social media to blow off steam when their shift is over.

Meet Twitter user @Kayleighmcgheek, who shared with their followers that they'd been let go from their job—a job that allegedly cited her angry tweets as grounds for their dismissal.

"When u get fired from ur job and this is the evidence," she captioned the photo she shared on Twitter. 

They even printed them out:

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People who have worked in customer service can totally relate to the hate. One user wrote, "I am definitely going to get fired for something Twitter-related at some point in my life." 

But other people aren't so sympathetic.

Most seem to think wishing death on customers should be a fireable offense, no matter how annoying they are, and they're piling on Kayleigh. It's led to a couple of hilarious arguments.

One person wrote, "How can you make a joke about this? It's not even funny in the first place." But people begged to disagree, asking if they'd ever worked in customer service. Simon responded, "I actually have and still do. 4 years and I understand there can be frustrations but any normal person has a grumble in their head and gets on with it. Most retail/customer service jobs you get back what you put in. If you’re nice (surprise surprise) the customers are too!"

People who agree with Kayleigh seem to be enjoying suggesting everyone else "chill," but they're definitely not going to:

Dudes, Kayleigh's already been fired! They get it!

But if this tweet didn't make you laugh, you're maybe one of those problem customers?? What do you think?

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