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Someone Is Hand-Drawing People's Avatars On Twitter And They're Hilarious

Someone Is Hand-Drawing People's Avatars On Twitter And They're Hilarious
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4 months ago

Twitter user @88negichans has probably come up with the perfect Twitter prank. It plays off people's vanity in the most absurd way without ever getting too mean. Well, maybe it's a little mean. So, first they posted what would be considered a pretty good drawing of what looks like a mirror selfie, and offered to draw the avatar of anyone who liked or retweeted it.

The requests, of course, came pouring in. The prank is that it doesn't actually seem like @88negichans can draw very well?

Or if they can, they're deliberately being as ridiculous as possible:

But after much examination, I genuinely think this is their style:

Though they do seem to have some self-awareness that these are not the drawings people were expecting:

But the ridiculousness of the drawings hasn't stopped people from wanting them!

It seems like @88negichans could be drawing goofy portraits for months: their tweet has been liked over ten thousand times and RTd close to four thousand.

In my opinion, this is some good old fashioned Internet fun. This is what Twitter is forβ€”goofing around.

Though @88negichans at times does inject more commentary on folk's avatars than they deserve:

It's possible that they may have bit off more than they can chew:

But once DiGiorno gets in on your prank, you can't back down:

Hand drawn avi: decent when you can't find your camera.

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